Posted by: Jessie | June 23, 2010

Talbott’s Tavern

After we freshened up we walked around Bardstown a little before going to dinner at the Talbott’s Tavern.  We saw a sign indicating that the ghost tour started across the street at 8:00pm every Saturday.  We enjoyed the Ghost Tour in New Orleans and in Colonial Williamsburg, so we decided that we would go to dinner and then take the tour.

Historic Talbot's Tavern from across the street

Eric outside the Tavern

This is the inside of the original part of the tavern

The “Old Coffee Shop” is the oldest part of the tavern.  It still has hand-hewn timbers for the ceiling and stone walls. 

The tavern was later expanded. The Autobahn room is part of that addition.

We had dinner in the Autobahn room.  This room was named after John James Audubon, who used to be a regular at the tavern.  This room had several of his original paintings until they were destroyed in a fire in 1998.

Dinner was yummy.  I had grilled salmon and Eric had ribeye.  Eric also had bourgoo, which he said was excellent. 

We had planned on going into the bar part of the tavern for a drink, but by the time we finished dinner it was time to head across the street for the ghost tour.  By the time we finished the tour and went back to the bar the band had started.  The bar was packed, the band was loud, and the people in the bar were mostly beer drinkers.  This was the local partying crowd, not the Bourbon Trail Tourist crowd. 

The bar was packed

Eric ordered a bourbon sampler, and the girl behind the bar had never served one before.  (Like I mentioned before, the Saturday night party crowd is a beer drinking crowd.)  She had to get the manager to show her how to set it up.  They put it on a tray with a placemat that listed their entire bourbon selection.  We got five bourbon samples, each one was labeled.  I’m pretty sure the girl was only supposed to put a tablespoon of bourbon in each glass, but she filled them up.  We did not complain.

A flight of bourbon

The woman sitting at the next table over had apparently never seen a sampler flight before.  When Eric brought it over her eyes grew wide.  “Who’s gonna drink all them shots???” she asked.  “We’re going to share them” Eric explained.  She started pounding on the table and yelling “GO! GO! GO!” as the bourbon splashed out of the glasses onto the tray.  I looked at her quizzically, picked up the first one and asked Eric “Which one is this?”  He told me it was Basil Hayden.  I took a small sip and set it down.  “I like that one.” I said.  Now the woman across the table looked confused.  She stopped chanting.  “Are they all different?” she asked.  “Yes.”  Eric said.  “Is it bourbon?” she asked.  “Yes.” Eric answered.  She made a face.  “Yuuck.”  She said.  She didn’t say anything else to us, but kept eyeing our shots the rest of the night as we slowly sipped, compared and commented on each one.



  1. Hey Jessie, you’re in New Orleans and didn’t go to the Olde Absinthe House? For shame 🙂 . Any chance your trip will take you to Az. ? I’d love to have you and your other half over for some absinthe. I’ve got the whole Jade line and some other really tasty shit. Hope to see you!

    • Hey Jack!

      Is there a Talbott’s Tavern in New Orleans? We missed that when we were in New Orleans in 12/08. We did go to the Olde Absinthe House, though. It was very much a sports bar. The Talbott’s Tavern we were at this past Saturday was in Bardstown, KY. We were doing the bourbon trail. Unfortunately we only had enough time to do three distilleries. There are six official ones on the trail, but there were a couple extras I wanted to go to. Great roads for motorcycles, though. We will probably go back.

      Even though we rode the bourbon trail, I have not lost my affinity for Absinthe. I had a glass of Clandestine after work today. Bummer that we have not had anything new come available on the market lately.


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