Posted by: Jessie | June 26, 2010

Maker’s Mark Distillery

After breakfast we headed off to the Maker’s Mark distillery.  We got there before the tour office opened, so we had plenty of time to wander the grounds.  The grounds at Maker’s Mark are just as lovely as Woodford Reserve’s. 

We had lunch at the Toll Booth Cafe.

The Toll Booth Cafe is a little tiny restaurant.  I had an albacore tuna sandwich.  It was huge.  And yummy.  Eric had pulled pork sandwich and bourbon baked beans.  After lunch we headed to the visitor center to sign up for a tour.

The visitor center is what used to be the family’s house.  This is where Bill Samuel’s Sr. and his family came up with the recipe for the bourbon.  Marjorie Samuels came up with the marketing ideas.  The name, the bottle, the seal, and the wax were all her ideas.  She even created the type face on the logo.

Samuels family living room

The tour started in the living room, went through the house, and over to the distillery. 

Maker's Mark Distillery

This very pretty distillery uses the same process as the other two distilleries.  The grain is gound here on site, then mixed, cooked, and fermented.  Then distilled and barrelled.  The barrells are put in warehouses to age, but not all the warehouses are on this site, some of them are elsewhere. 

Pretty copper stills

The bourbon is bottled, labeled, dipped in wax, and packaged here

 After our tour we went to the gift shop and we each had a teaspoon of Maker’s Mark and Maker’s Mark Mint Julep. 

Eric got to dip his own bottle in wax

 Maker’s Mark had the biggest gift shop out of all three distilleries we visited.  They really do a good job of marketing. 

The grounds are lovely

More lovely grounds


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