Posted by: Jessie | July 2, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

Eric and I took today off work and drove to Michigan.  The drive was not bad until we got north of Ann Arbor, then WOW!  What a mess!  It took us an extra hour to get where we were going.

Me, Dad, Marilyn, Rob, Stefanie, Eric, Avery, and Carley

We met at Chuck E Cheese for dinner.  Dad and Marilyn drove up from Caro.  Stefanie and Rob and our two nieces were there too.  What fun!  I haven’t been to a Chuck E Cheese before.  There was a guard at the door who asked us if we were meeting someone.  I found out later that if we had said “no” then she probably would not have let us in, since we did not have any children with us.  When we left she got out a black light and examined my sister’s arm, Rob’s arm, my nieces arms, Dad and Marilyn’s arm to make sure they all had the same invisible stamp.  Apparently they won’t let you leave with a kid that does not have your same stamp.  I had no idea that this was a maximum security restaurant!

This place does not rate very high on my “yummy food” scale.  They do have a pretty good salad bar.  They do have two beers on tap, Budweiser and Bud light.  They have terrible pizza.  Freezer pizza is better.

Chuck E Cheese rates pretty high on the fun scale.  They have a lot of games.  For the really little ones they have rides.  I wanted to play Whack-a-Mole, but they don’t have that game anymore.  Now they have Hammer II, which is a video version, and I like it better.  Eric cleaned up on ski-ball.  We won about 200 tickets total, which the girls traded in for little prizes. 

Dad says "Carley, you're driving too fast! You're going to crack up! You'll bust your butt!"

Say "Cheeeeese"


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