Posted by: Jessie | July 5, 2010


I’m sorry, everybody.  I’m terribly behind on my updates.  I spent quite a bit of time on 7/5 working on this post, and when I went to publish it an early draft of it showed up instead of the finished product.  I was so disappointed that I did not get back to it for over a week.  I had some time this evening, so I thought I would try again.  I’m posting it with the original date, even though I’m not finishing it until a week later.

My sister tells me she wants to take me out for a pedicure for my birthday.  I’m really not into pedicures, so we decide to go shopping and have a drink instead.  I figured she wanted some grown-up time away from her babies.  Anybody who spends eleven and a half hours in a car with two babies is going to want some time away from babies the next day! 

Mom said there would be sidewalk sales, so we went downtown.  No sidewalk sales.  Apparently that’s next week.  Oh well.  We did have fun shopping, though.  We found these presto-chango purses.  The purse is a plain basic purse, but it has different decorative covers.  So when you are running late for work and you realize that the purse with your wallet, comb, keys, spare lipstick, glasses cleaner, etc. is black, but your outfit is brown, you can just change the cover.  Much easier than taking everything out of one purse and putting it into another.  We played with every combination.  I picked out a black purse with a snake cover and skull cover.  Stefanie was torn between black and brown.  She finally decided on the black one with a giraffe cover and a snake cover.  Very fun.

So then we head over to a little cafe called Zinc for a drink.  I ordered a mojito and Stefanie ordered a belini.  Her belini came in a cute little bottle.  It was imported from Italy, made with peach nectar and sparkling wine.  Yummy.  After we finished our drinks Stefanie suddenly wanted to go shopping again.  So we did.  Back to the same stores.  Then she drove home the wrong way.  I was wondering what was wrong with her…

When we got home there were a lot of cars in the driveway.  Stefanie drove all the way to the back of the house, and someone had set up a table in the garden.  The whole family was sitting there.  When I got out of the car everyone called out “SURPRISE!”  This was a surprise party for me!  Wow!  I’ve never had a surprise party.  They put a purple crown on my head and a red boa around my neck.  Then Eric made m a fancy drink.  We could sit back and enjoy our drinks because there was a baby sitter distracting the children and playing with them in the pool.  Then the caterer (Can you believe it?  The Caterer!) brought us goat cheese and bruchetta!  Yummy!  After drinks and appetizers Mama led us to the other side of the yard, where another table was hidden in the trees.  It was set for dinner.  There was seafood paella, dill cucumber salad, and green beans.  Brandied peaches with ice cream for dessert!  More yummy! 

After dinner the caterer cleared and took care of the dishes while we went back to the appetizer table for champagne and presents.  Wow.  What a great birthday!


When I am old, I shall wear purple. And a red boa.

Yummy drinks and appetizers!

The babies are too busy to be bothered with birthdays.

Delightful dinner!

Fabulous family!


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