Posted by: Jessie | July 6, 2010

Celebrating the 4th

Sherry and Jim invited us to celebrate the 4th of July at their lake house.  We grilled burgers and played with the kids on the lawn.  There was supposed to be fireworks, but Sanford lake decided to have them on the 3rd and did not tell the newspaper.  So we missed the fireworks.  But we had fun making hand made ice cream.  Really.  Hand made.  Sherry and Stefanie put the cream, sugar, and vanilla in ziplock bags.  They gave us each a bag and a choice of toppings (chocolate chips, amaretto, coconut, chocolate syrup, etc.).  Then they gave us each a bag of ice with salt in it.  We put the cream bag inside the ice bag and squished it with our fingers until the ice cream hardened.  What a great way to cool down on a hot day.  We put the ice bags on our legs and on our heads.  Then we put the ice cream on chocolate cake.  It was my birthday cake that we didn’t eat the night before at the surprise party because the caterer made brandied peaches and ice cream. 

Lovely lake view

Carley loves to push people around

Squishing the ice cream out of the bag

Blowing out the candles


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