Posted by: Jessie | July 10, 2010

BMW Club Smoke-Off

Sign for the Great BMW Club Smoke-Off

There are two guys in the BMW club who both have the last name of Berry.  They are not actually related, but they both happen to like to smoke meat.  There are a couple of other guys who like to smoke meat too… it turned into a barbecue contest and all-round food fest.  Everyone brought something yummy.  There was a chicken, a beef brisket, pork shoulder, and pork ribs.  They guy who made the brisket smoked it for 18 hours and basted it every 90 minutes.  Poor guy.  There was a lot of other food, too.  As a vegetarian I chowed down on Joni’s fabulous salad.  (Mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, candied pecans, cheese, etc.)   There was corn pudding, cole slaw, homemade pickles, smokey cheese, etc.  Debbie’s bourbon pecan pie was fabulous!  I was so busy eating that I forgot to take pictures.  I made a Maker’s Mark ice cream that disappeared so fast that Eric didn’t even get any.  Someone asked me why I chose Maker’s Mark and I mentioned it was because I was an ambassador.  It’s funny how information gets changed by word of mouth.  about an hour later someone asked me “Tell me all about your job!  It must be a lot of fun to work for Maker’s Mark!”  I had to tell her that I am really a mental health counselor, and we both had a good laugh.  The ambassador program is really just a promo that you can sign up for and they send you free stuff. 

It was a hot day. The people who couldn't take the heat drove convertables. There were several bikes too. We overflowed the driveway, took over the sidewalk, and some had to park in the street.



  1. The food sounds fantastic…I should’ve eaten breakfast before reading! 🙂

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