Posted by: Jessie | July 19, 2010

Friday before Superbike

We took this past Friday off work.  We slept in a bit, then I took the doggies to doggie day care, and we hopped on our bikes and rode up to Mid Ohio.  We took 42 North, and stopped in Waynesville for lunch.  We ate at the Hammel House and sat on the front porch where we could see the bikes.  I had a handmade salmon burger, and it was yummy!  Eric had the reuben and said it was very good.  

After lunch we got right back on the road, but it took us longer to get there then we expected, so we went right to the hotel instead of going to the track.  We stayed at the Comfort Inn Splash Harbor.  I think Eric chose that place because it is one of the closest hotels to the track and it had available rooms.  I was really surprised that they had rooms available as late as Eric made reservations.  It had been a long, hot ride, so after we checked in we jumped right into the pool. 

We had dinner at KC’s steak house.  This is a neat little place.  There is a timber frame structure inside, like the inside of an old barn.  The door handles are made out of horse shoes.  Eric says the steaks taste like they are grilled over charcoal or wood.  I had the grouper.  It was very rich and yummy.  It was a little more fried then I usually like, but it was good. 

KC's Steak House in Bellville, OH

There was another little restaurant that we were not quite ready to try, the Buckeye Express Diner.  It looked interesting, but not busy enough to make it look appealing.  After we got home I looked it up on the internet.  Looks like they are a burger joint with few vegetarian options.

Are you brave enough to eat at the Buckeye Express Diner?

Next we went next door to play miniature golf.  It was a fun little course with oddly blue water. 

Eric shoots put-put behind the blue glowing waterfall.

We had a lovely relaxing evening.  What a great way to start a weekend.


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