Posted by: Jessie | July 23, 2010

Riding home from Superbike

After the last race we left the track and took some back roads through the cornfields to avoid the traffic.  There was supposed to be some rain later in the day, and we knew we were taking a risk of running into it when we stayed for the last race.

We debated whether or not to keep to the back roads or to take the highway home.  The highway is boring on a motorcycle, so we decided to stay on the back roads.  Then the clouds showed up.  They were thick and patchy.  You could tell it was raining off to the east.  The wind was coming from the west, so I was glad that we had missed that first batch of rain.  There were more clouds off to the west, looked like some rain was coming down from them too. 

Eric pulled over, and I pulled up next to him.  “Do you wanna put on your rain suit?” he asked.  “No, I think if we keep going we can outrun it.” I answered.  “Ooookaaay.” he said.  So we kept going.  Sure enough, we rode right in between those two storm clouds.  We got sprinkled on a bit, but not enough to matter.

As we kept going the sky started getting cloudy again.  Interesting shaped storm clouds with patches of light peeking through.  We pulled over into a truck stop to fill up and discuss dinner.  As we finished filling our tanks the rain started coming down.  In came down in cold heavy buckets.  We got inside just in time.  Then the wind started blowing.  We settled into a booth at Arby’s (in the truck stop) and ordered our dinner.

I checked the weather on my Palm Pre, and it said Severe Weather Warning, heavy rain, 60mph winds, and quarter sized hail until 7:15.  There were some other bikers who had also stopped for dinner and they were ready to get on the road.  I told them what my weather app had told me, and suggested they stick around for another 45 minutes to see if the rain would stop, but they were in a hurry to get on the road.

We watched the rain until 7:00.  At that point Eric decided he was ready to go.  So started packing up, made one last bathroom stop, we put on our rain gear, and by the time we were out the door it was 7:15 and the rain had stopped.  The wind had died down, and the hail had never showed up.  It did not rain on us again for the rest of the ride.  We did get a nice sunset through those clouds as it got later.

I wish I had gotten some pictures of those really interesting storm clouds.  I surfed the web a little, and the clouds in the picture below are similar to what was looming over us as we rode home.

Picture stollen from


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