Posted by: Jessie | July 30, 2010

The Spillway Lodge

When I got home from work today it seemed a little bit cool out.  I checked the temperature.  It was only 83 degrees.  Wow. 

Eric was already home by the time I got there.  He said “The weather is nice out.  Wanna ride the bikes someplace for dinner?”  He suggested the Spillway Lodge, a neat little Steakhouse in the middle of nowhere up by Cowan Lake.

“Last time we went up there halfway through dinner they announced a severe storm warning, with heavy rains, powerful winds, and hail.”  I reminded him.  He said he remembered.  We checked the weather.  Then we checked the radar.  We decided that with only a 30% chance of rain we would ride.

It was a lovely ride up there.  We took 71 North to Kings Island, then we took the back roads to 350.  350 goes right through Fort Ancient.  The Fort Ancient section is very steep and twisty.  The rest is shady and a little windy.  Nice ride.

When we got the to Spillway, they were packed.  I guess the nice weather had brought everybody out.  While we were waiting for our drinks and appetizer we watched out the window.  There were little children running up and down the large hilly lawn, just for the joy of running.  They were petting the horses and feeding them weeds, and just enjoying spending time outside in the cooler air.

We had a shrimp cocktail for an appetizer, and it was lovely.  The shrimp were large and firm, they had a very nice texture.  Next we went to the salad bar.  This is not a fancy salad bar with a lot of fancy stuff on it.  Instead, it had “regular” stuff.  But a lot of it tasted like it was locally grown.  The green peppers were so flavorful!  The tomatoes tasted home-grown.  There were a lot of dark greens mixed in with the usual iceberg lettuce, and they tasted like they had just come out of the garden. 

I ordered the Halibut for my entrée.  It came with rice and choice of potato or vegetable of the day.  I got the vegetable of the day, which was locally grown fresh corn on the cobb.  Yummy!  The halibut was grilled, and it tasted smoky.  They use a real grill with real charcoal.  Eric ordered the prime rib, which they do a special way.  They start with the traditional preparation, baking at a low temperature for several hours.  Then they finish it on a charcoal grill, giving it a smoky flavor.  Eric says it’s rich and tender with a hint of smokeyness.  He loves it.  He always orders it when we go there.

So after dinner it had started to sprinkle a little, but we made it home without getting rained on.  I did not want to try the steep twisties in the dark, so we came back on 71 most of the way.  It was a great evening.  Just what I needed after a tough week at work.

Eric at the Spillway Lodge. Notice the rustic decor and the coffee can chandelier.


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