Posted by: Jessie | August 17, 2010

Camping Weekend, Day 2: Disaster in the Afternoon

Our camping spot was full sun in the morning.  Wow.  I got baked out of the tent, I crawled out and tried to sleep in the grass, but it was just too sunny.  It was a lovely morning.  There were a lot of butterflies fluttering around.  I grabbed my camera and followed them.  It turns out that they really liked the bush we parked the bikes next to.   

I counted 8 butterflies on this bush.

We had a Backpacker’s Pantry breakfast, Scrambled Eggs with Baco Bits.  Ick.  It tasted like overcooked boiled egg yolks.  I don’t like egg yolks.  I could only eat about half of it.  I think it would not have been so bad if it had cheese and some veggies in it.  Oh well.  Now I know.  This is the first Backpacker’s Pantry meal I’ve had that I didn’t like.

We took our time packing up and took 62 back to Friendship for lunch at the Friendship Tavern.  I’ve written about the Friendship Tavern before.  I’ve always met nice friendly people there.  This is the first time I have ever stopped there for lunch.  Eric had a BLT and I had a grilled cheese and a side of onion rings.  I’m sure the onion rings were beer battered.  They were yummy.   

When we got back on the road we decided to take Friendship Road up towards Brookville, then go from there to Caesar Creek.   

Ride, ride, ride!

Friendship Road is a quiet little back  road with no shoulder and no line down the middle.  It’s wide enough to be two lanes, but for some reason there are no lines.  It goes through a little farming community, a 35 mph speed limit, and farm houses on each side of the road.  A charming little road.  At first.  We came up to a truck pulling a wide wobbly trailer full of big loose stuff.  It was going the speed limit, but considering how wobbly it was, it should have been going slower.  This is the type of trailer motorcyclists hate riding behind.  If something breaks loose and comes down the road at us it would be disastrous.  Eric pulled up next to it to pass.  The truck swerved towards him so it was going down the middle of the road.  Then it swerved further over, forcing Eric off the road into a small strip of grass between the road and a patch of trees.  The trailer wobbled all the way to the edge of the road and I lost sight of Eric for a second.  I thought he was a goner.  When the truck pulled back into its own lane I could see Eric had made it past the patch of trees… the bike was still upright, but the back end was fishtailing… and he was getting it back under control.  It looked like he was going to pull it back onto the road when he hit a deep hole.  The bike stopped immediately and threw itself on its side.  Eric was tossed off the front of the bike, rolled a somersault, and sat up screaming in rage and shaking his fist.  The truck driver had deliberately wrecked him.  The truck just kept right on going.  I was in shock.  That guy had just tried to kill my husband.  I didn’t know what to do… The trailer did not have a license plate, so I could not get his number.  Should I chase him down or stay with Eric?  

I parked my bike.  “That guy tried to kill me!  Can you believe that?”  Eric yelled.  “Should I chase him down?” I asked.  “Maybe I can find out who he is.  I want to file assault charges.”  Eric stood up.  “No.  Stay here.  I think I cracked my collar bone.”  

This is where the story gets confusing.  I’ll make it as short as possible.  A nice kid came by on an ATV and helped us pick the bike up out of the hole.  Eric discovered he couldn’t use his arm, so he would not be riding home.  The first kid left and another kid came by.  He told us that it was his cousin who was driving, and that he let him use his truck because they were “doing a job.”  I asked the name of the kid who was driving and he told us it was and then asked us if we were going to call the police.  We told him we hadn’t decided yet, and he rode off.  A little while later three more kids came by, one of them was the driver of the truck.  He said that he didn’t mean it, but he did not want to be passed.  He asked us if we were going to call the police.  He told us he did not want to be passed a couple more times before he asked if there was anything he could do.  Eric told him to beat it.  (Good thing.  I was feeling an urge to beat HIM.)  Those kids rode off.  They were very afraid we were going to call the police and get them in trouble.  Actually, I would have called the police but I did not have cell phone service.  Verizon had let me down.

A few minutes later the first kid came back and told us that he had told the driver’s parents, and that they were going to come and talk to us.  They showed up in a car, helped us get the bike back on the road, and let us park it in their barn while we figured out what to do.  They wanted to make it as right as they could.  The woman screamed at her kid and grounded him from driving.  The kid told us a few more times about how he did not want to be passed, as if that was an acceptable reason to try to kill somone.  Then they drove Eric to the hospital in Lawrenceburg and told me to follow on my motorcycle.  They didn’t seem to want me in their car.  They seemed to want me to ride back to Cincinnati as soon as possible.  Maybe they could see how angry I was?  Maybe they were afraid of me?  I don’t know.  All I can say is that it’s a good thing that they were so nice.  Since neither of us had cell phone service we could not call for help, if they had refused to help us we would have been in real trouble.  Eric was hurt bad enough he couldn’t ride, and I have no experience riding with a passenger.

Anyway, when we got to the hospital Eric couldn’t use his hand to sign any papers, so the kid’s parents signed him in and I signed his consent for treatment.  We didn’t have to wait long.  I did have cell phone service in Lawrenceberg, so called Len (and Dave) and asked them to come get us with the trailer.  By the time Len and Dave got to the hospital they had already taken Eric’s x-rays.  The doctor showed us the x-rays and explained how the clavicle was broken in three places, there were two big pieces of bone and two bone chips.  He gave Eric a sling and a prescription for Vicoden and told him to go see an orthopedist as soon as possible. 

"How do you like my gown, Dah-ling?"

Then we all got back in our vehicles and followed the kid’s parents back to Versailles to pick up Eric’s bike.  It started raining on the way.  By the time Eric’s bike was loaded and we were ready to go it had turned into a thunderstorm.  We sat in the van and waited about half an hour until the worst of the storm was gone, then we rode back to Cincinnati.  

It rained on me most of the ride back.  Oh well.  Riding in the rain is a bummer, but the BMW is a fine motorbike.  It can handle the rain.  I made it home safely and changed into some dry clothes while Len and Dave took Eric to get his prescription filled.  Then they took Eric’s bike to the shop to inspect it for damages.  By that time it was 8:00 and we were all starving, so Len hurried home to his wife while Eric and I took Dave to Melt for dinner.

Eric was exhausted, hurty, and hungry

Dave worked up an appetite rescuing us!



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