Posted by: Jessie | August 18, 2010

On the Mend


Eric's Clavicle

Eric went to the Orthopedist Tuesday morning.  What we thought was a terrible break he said was not that bad.  He says that the bone chips are no big deal, and that we should focus on the one main break.  He said that the muscles in our shoulder want to pull the bones in the correct position, so Eric should just sit up straight with his shoulders back and let it heal. 

The orthopedist said that surgery isn’t necessary, but it is still an option.  He said without surgery it would be about 6 weeks healing time.  With surgery he could be back to his regular activities in about 3 weeks.  Unfortunately surgery comes complications.  It would involve a large incision and inserting a metal plate and screwing it into the bone.  There is the chance of infection, etc.  There is also the chance that after everything was healed up the plate would be uncomfortable or painful and he would want it removed.  That means another surgery to remove the plate and then there would be big holes in the bone from where the screws used to be.  The whole thought of it makes me cringe.

Eric says that right now the plan is to let the swelling go down and the bruising subside then take another x-ray.

This is a spectacular bruise. The picture just doesn't do it justice.



  1. I’m so sorry your weekend didn’t turn out as planned. Eric will be ok eventually. Take Doc Bender at his word. He is the best. He won’t steer you wrong. Good luck with the kid and the insurance company. Feel better soon, Eric. And don’t take too much Vicodin…..!!!! 😉
    Dave’s Mom

  2. Thanks! Doc is taking good care of me. I very much appreciate all the folks that have reached out to help. Getting a call Sunday afternoon from Doc Bender was very, very nice. He was very reassuring, and helped me know that I would be okay especially until I could into for an office visit.

    Thanks again,


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