Posted by: Jessie | August 28, 2010

To Get Surgery, or Not to Get Surgery… That is the Question…

So the doctor said he could go either way on this break.  Surgery come with risk of complications.  Letting it heal the way it is comes with risk of not healing properly, or having the bones heal in an unfavorable position.



  1. Monitored Natural Recovery:
    (That should sound good around the proverbial water-cooler.)
    This is simply a commitment to the course upon which you are already proceding. That is let nature heal the injury, but watch it. If nature appears to be fouling up, then you look to other sources of repair.

  2. Hi Jim,

    That’s exactly the path that Eric is choosing right now. They told him he should be healed in 6 weeks. Now he’s 3 weeks into it, he figures he’s halfway there already, why open it up if he does’t have to?


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