Posted by: Jessie | August 30, 2010

Where Do You Go to Watch a Race?

Moto GP is really incredible to watch.  The bikes are so fast and agile, they practically lay on their sides when going around corners.  They race all around the world, and only come to the United States a couple times a year, and this weekend they were at Indy.  Moto GP is to motorcycles as Formula One is to cars.  We couldn’t make it to the race in person, so we looked for a local bar to watch the race.  It was Sunday afternoon, so we did not expect any of the bars to be busy.

We decided not to go back to Quaker Steak and Lube because last time they kept changing the channel.  Apparently they prefer women’s softball over motorcycle racing.  It doesn’t make sense to me that they have a motorsports theme, they hang a dozen motorcycles from the ceiling, but they won’t put a motorcycle race on one of their twelve TV’s.

This time we tried Cock & Bull.  They have several large TV’s, good burgers and an incredible selection of beers.  We even called ahead and asked if we could watch the race, and they told us they would put it on for us.  By the time we got there, though, the Red’s game was on.  They had four large TV’s and two small TV’s.  Not only would they not put on the race, but they were rude about it.  Bummer.

We went across the street to Cosmo’s.  They said “No problem!”  They opened up the courtyard, which had a huge TV, looked up which channel was Speed TV, and found the race for us.  Everyone there was friendly, the service was great.  They even had Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale on draft, one of my favorites.  It turns out that they have a nice menu too!  They are going to all house-made food, no frozen pre-made stuff.  I had crab cakes, Eric had a black-and-blue burger.  Both were yummy.  Cosmo’s is now one of my new favorite places!

Cosmo's Grille Pub


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