Posted by: Jessie | September 28, 2010

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

We got up Friday morning, had breakfast, and then hit the pool.  It was quite an adventure trying to get to the pool because we had to go through the casino and the convention center.  There was a really big car show at the convention center.  They had a lot of AMAZING cars.  It was the Barret-Jackson Collector Car Auction, and it was huge and crowded. It was even televised on Speed TV.  In order to get to the pool we had to walk through all that in our swimsuits.  How embarrassing!

We spent a couple hours relaxing by the pool.  We got some inner tubes and floated down the Lazy River.  A bikini-clad cocktail waitress brought us mimosas.  *sigh*  I love vacation.

After our dip in the pool we got cleaned up and waited out front for the helicopter tour to pick us up.  They showed up with a stretch limo and took us to the airport.  We watched the helicopters from the tour before us land, and while they were getting ready for our tour we watched the safety video.  Several times.  Remember, do not inflate your life vest while inside the helicopter.  If you do then you will not be able to get out of the helicopter.

There were about five helicopters going on the tour at the same time. We stayed in sight of the other helicopters, but our tour was separate.  There was a family of four with us in our chopper.  Our pilot’s name was Andre, and he was charming.  We flew out over Vegas, over lake Mead, over the Hoover Dam, and we landed in the Grand Canyon. We had a picnic lunch, then flew back to Vegas.  What an amazing trip.  I had never been in a helicopter before.  I loved every minute of it.

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