Posted by: Jessie | October 1, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Spectacle: The Venetian

Las Vegas is famous for its Spectacle.  There are so many amazing things to see.  I had heard about the canal in the Venetian, the moving statues at Caesar’s Palace, the dancing fountain at the Bellagio, and more.  I wanted to see it all.  We put on our walking shoes and headed out down the strip. 

First we went to the Venetian.  I wanted to see the canal.  We walked into the lobby, and it was opulent!  Classical paintings on the walls and ceilings… it reminded me of Palace of Fontainebleau outside Paris!  We found a map of the hotel/casino/resort on the wall, and the canal is in the mall, on the second floor.  (How can they put a canal on the second floor?)  So we got in the elevator and headed up.  The mall was amazing.  The ceiling was painted to look like the sky.  All the stores were made to look like buildings.  The food court was designed to look like St. Mark’s Square.  There were gondolas on the canal, each with a singing gondolier.

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