Posted by: Jessie | October 2, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Spectacle: Caesar’s Palace

We left the Venetian and walked over the Caesar’s Palace.  There were people lined up on the sidewalks slapping cards against their hands then trying to give them to you.  The cards showed pictures of naked girls and phone numbers.  Apparently Eric and I must look like we want to hire some hookers because every time we walked down the sidewalk people were shoving these cards at us.

It is very easy to get to Caesar’s Palace from the strip.  There are covered walkways and covered bridges with moving sidewalks and escalators bringing people in.  Of course when you come in on the escalator it brings you right into the casino, near the theatre entrance.  Cher is performing at Caesar’s Palace now, and there are some remarkable costumes on display in front of the theatre.    The casino was beautiful, the ceiling was painted to look like the sky and there is Romanesque archetecture.  We headed over to the mall.  Poor Eric.  He was not amused.  He was thinking “Oh, God… not more stores!  These are the same stores that were in the last mall!”  I did not even notice the stores.  I was looking at the statues and the fountains and the architecture.  I would have gone for some of that lovely gelato, but poor Eric was ready to get out of there.  I did get some pictures of the animated statues of the Gods in the center of the mall, but we did not stick around long enough to hear them talk.

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So we tried to leave Caesar’s Palace, but the escalator that brought us in only brings people in.  It won’t let you out.  We had to wander through the casino for quite a while before finding an exit through the sports betting section.  I want to call it a secret exit, but if I say that you will think it’s a little tiny door hiding in a dark corner with a tiny red “exit” sign on it.  It was actually several glass doors in a line, like any main entrance/exit should be, but it was behind a maze of casino rooms, making it a very difficult to find obvious exit.  It lets you out onto a terrace, and another maze of sidewalks and squares, before you can get to anything else.  We ended up inside a building with a sign that said Bellagio and more shops to the right, Paris to the left.  We planned to come back to the Bellagio for the show later that night, so we headed over to the Paris.


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