Posted by: Jessie | October 11, 2010

Hill Climb Day

Today was a big motorcycle day in Cincinnati.  The Dayton Motorcycle Club sponsors the Hill Climb in Oregonia every fall, and people used to meet up somewhere and ride up to it together.  Out of that sprung some pretty neat stuff.  The Alley Shop meet became a big gathering that starts early in the morning and everyone is gone by noon.  The Alley Shop closed, so now there is a meet at the Fuel Cafe… We did not make it to that one this year.

We did not make it to the Hill Climb this year either.  I think the Hill Climb is a rather spectacular event, but not everyone thinks so.  The Devil’s Staircase is a very steep hill with terraces cut into it.  People try to ride their motorcycle’s to the top.  If they go fast enough they will fly from slope to slope and jump right over the flat part of the terracing.  It’s quite a sight.  Just watching gets my adrenaline flowing.

We did make it to the Duning party, though.  Lots of interesting bikes and interesting people there too.

Bill Duning's

Honda Cafe Racer

Pretty Pink Paint Job

You don't see very many of these!

Nothing gleams in the sun like a Harley. Especially one with sparkle paint!

You don't see very many of these, either.


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