Posted by: Jessie | October 15, 2010

Jean Robert’s Table

We had heard good things about Jean Robert’s Table, so we thought we would check it out.  We’ve liked every Jean Robert restaurant we’ve been to.  Jeanne Murry is the bar manager, and we know her from many other places in town.

Jean Robert’s new restaurant is on Vine Street, between 7th and 8th, where the old Longhorn Steakhouse used to be.  Several other restaurants have opened and closed in that same building.  This was a brave choice of location… they say that after two or three restaurants close at a location then that location is doomed… no restaurant can be successful there.  We were there on a Friday.  Our reservations were for 8:15, but we did not get seated until 8:40.  They were busy!  We arrived early, so we had a couple drinks at the bar while we waited.  I had one of their specialty cocktails, Eric had a glass of wine.  When I was almost finished with my cocktail, I noticed Jeanne pouring a glass of absinthe.  The right way.  They had a vintage-style dribbler with ice water in it.  Jeanne put the absinthe in the glass, the absinthe spoon over the top of the glass, sugar cube on the spoon, and dribbled until the cube was dissolved.  It must have taken at least five minutes.  Whoever ordered it must have had respect for absinthe!  I asked our bartender about it.  It turns out they have several different absinthes.  They have Lucid, Mata Hari, and Corsair Red.  I think they may have had a fourth, but I didn’t remember what it was.  Anyway, I had always wanted to try a mojito with Corsair Red.  Corsair Red does not taste like absinthe… it is flavored with hibiscus leaves not anise.  Our bartender made me one, and wow!  Was it good!

Corsair Red Mojito

When we finally got seated we were starving!  We ordered appetizers.  Eric had the sweetbreads confit in a pastry shell with mushroom and blue cheese quiche, grape compote and port sauce.   Eric says they were “Excellent, rich but delicate sweetbreads with the creamy quiche and the snap of the fresh grape compote.”

Sweetbreads Confit


I had the special appetizer.  Tuna, with potato pancake, slaw and melon.

Special Appetizer


For dinner Eric had Trio Cochon: pork belly, ribs, and chop with medley of beans, potatoes with Maytag bleu cheese.  Unfortunately Eric is not feeling very descriptive tonight.  He says “It was really really good.”  (It’s been a couple weeks since we went there for dinner.  I’m a bit behind on my blogging.)

Trio Cochon: Belly, Ribs & Chop


I had the wing of skate.  This one was served with summer succotash and tomato fondu.  It was wonderful.  Frequently skate wing is fried and very rich.  This time it was rich, but not overwhelmingly so.  I enjoyed every bite.

Skate Fish Wings Grenobloise Style


We had a wonderful time.  The food was wonderful, the decor was charming.  Behind the bar they had vintage French wine ads and a black-and-white French movie playing with English subtitles.  Jean Robert’s Table is a charming, happening restaurant with delightful food.


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