Posted by: Jessie | October 19, 2010

Chicago Weekend

I had a great weekend in Chicago.  I drove down there on Friday to meet up with My Dad, Marilyn, Jeff, and Amy.  We hung out at Jeff’s place Friday evening, and went to Lou Malnati’s for Chicago Pizza for dinner.  This was my first Chicago Pizza.  It was yummy, but I have to admit, I don’t see what all the hype is about.  I expected Chicago Pizza to blow my socks off.  Lou Malnati’s makes a very good, very deep dish pizza that uses high quality ingredients, but it did not blow my socks off.

Dinner at Lou Malnati's

After dinner we went back to Jeff’s.  Amy’s birthday was last week, so we celebrated with Rum Spice Cake.  Yummy.

Happy Birthday Amy!

The next morning we had brunch at Amy’s new apartment.  Amy made the hash browns, Jeff made the eggs, and I made the waffles.  Amy had some buttermilk, so I looked up a buttermilk waffle recipe on the internet.  I was surprised… I thought the secret to good waffles was Dad’s 40-year-old waffle iron.  It turns out that Jeff’s modern waffle iron makes pretty good waffles too.  Amy rocked the hash browns!  They were as good as Dad’s.  I think the hash brown torch has been passed!  Amy jazzed up the traditional Baublitz brunch by adding Mimosas.  Whoo-hoo!

After brunch we went for a walk.  It turns out that there is a great little area about a block away from Amy’s place… lots of little boutiques and bars.  Jeff was on a mission to find a bar to watch the Michigan State game.  We ended up at the Bad Dog Tavern.  We passed up their brunch, but Amy ordered one of their Bloody Marys.  I don’t like Bloody Marys.  Amy had me taste hers.  I like Bad Dog Tavern Bloody Marys.  Wow.  Yummy.  They also have a great beer selection.  Marilyn had a Fat Tire, I had a Belgian Triple Karmeliet. 

Cheers to family get-togethers!


After Michigan State lost the game we did a little shopping.  We found this great little puzzle store down the street.  We had so much fun playing they had to kick us out when they closed.  Later we went out for Indian Food for dinner.  I don’t remember what they called that part of town, but it must have been the Indian bridal district, because so many stores had fancy traditional Indian clothes covered wtih sequins and beads.  There were a lot of restaurants.  Best Indian Food I have ever had!


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