Posted by: Jessie | March 22, 2011

We x Japan means “We are for Japan”

The earthquake disaster in Japan is so devestating it is inconcievable.  There many different fund raisers to send aid.  Here are a couple:

Moto GP is deeply effected, as many of the motorcycles, teams and suppliers are based in Japan.  They are selling t-shirts that say “We x Japan” on the front and are signed by all the riders ont he back. 

MotoGP unites to help Japan

The MotoGP community has moved to do all it can to support those in Japan following the recent earthquake and its aftereffects, and the 17 riders in MotoGP have put their signatures on a specially printed shirt with the message “We are for Japan”.

The t-shirt will be available at a range of circuits on the World Championship calendar, as well as being available from the MotoGP official website at It can be purshased for €20.

The funds collected through this initiative will be presented to a humanitarian organisation during the Japan Grand Prix, which is scheduled to take place on October 2nd.

Jorge Lorenzo: “We must give our maximum support to Japan at a moment such as this. Japan is already a strong country that has always demonstrated its ability to overcome adversity. A strong embrace to all Japanese people and fans of motorcycling who live there.”

Casey Stoner: “We considered the floods in Australia at the beginning of the year a huge disaster, but after the events we’ve seen in Japan – it’s beyond what we can comprehend. Having heard some of the stories from colleagues in Honda and seeing the coverage on the news, it’s devastating to hear what they are going through and our hearts and thoughts are with everyone in Japan. I hope they can find the courage to keep fighting and get through this period to help rebuild their lives”.

Valentino Rossi: “This is a very tough moment for everybody but we support Japan and we are with our Japanese friends. We encourage them not to give up, and I wish good luck to everybody from me, and from all my team.”

Unite with the MotoGP community and buy this t-shirt to help the people of Japan. Please forward this information to friends, relatives and colleagues across the globe using every outlet of social media to bring the MotoGP paddock and fans together with the message “We are for Japan”.

If you don’t want a t-shirt, you just want to donate, MotoforJapan is raising money for the Red Cross efforts in Japan.


If you would like to be able to text aid from your cell phone go to this site for texting codes:


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