Posted by: Jessie | May 3, 2011

Gear Review – Sunray Gore-Tex Boots For Women

Sunray Gore-Tex Boots For Women


I bought these boots on close-out and got a wonderful deal on them.  Apparently TCX is replacing them with the Aura boot, which seems to be the same boot only a little prettier and they claim the heel is a little higher, but it does not look like a high heel in the pictures.  Both boots are made of leather, lined with Gore-Tex and have protection for the toe, malleus, and shin. 

I had tried on some other boots in the same price range.  They were uncomfortable and I just did not like them.  I like the TCX Sunray boots a lot better.  I love, love, love these boots!  The sole is thick enough that they make me about an inch taller, so now it is easy to flat-foot my bike.  I sprained my ankle last week and was questioning whether I should go to the Battle Creek Mini Rally, but the Sunray boots are a little stiff and offered plenty of ankle support so I decided to give it a try.  I’m so glad I did!  These boots gave me the support I needed to ride and walk around all weekend, even with a sore ankle.  We rode about 900 miles this weekend.

Due to a lack of space, they were the only footwear I brought.  I wore them on the all-day ride to the rally.  I wore them walking around in the wet grass at the rally, and on the rainy ride home.  These boots are indeed waterproof.  They are stiff enough to be comfortable on the pegs while riding for long distances.  They were a little hard to walk in when I first got them, and until the mini rally I had only worn them on short rides.  By the end of the first day at the rally they had loosened up a little and were more comfortable, but still supportive.  They are not as comfortable to walk around in as tennis shoes, mind you, but good for some walking and standing around in. 

I was concerned that a waterproof boot would not breathe and that my feet would be clammy.  No clammyness in these boots.  Of course, the rally was in March.  Ask me again in July.  I walked in the wet grass and rode in the rain and my feet stayed dry. 

Standing in the wet grass

For a more technical review check out WebBike World’s review of these boots.

Eric climbing a rocky overlook in his TCX boots, and all his other gear.

 Update 5/24/11:  I wore these boots on our Blue Ridge Parkway trip.  It rained on us for the first four days, and my feet stayed dry.  Several of the overlooks had hiking trails and/or rocks that could be climbed on.  I did not do much trail hiking in these boots.  I noticed that if I wore the wrong socks with them then they would rub my heel a little when hiking trails.  The soles of these boots were very grippy on the rocks, though.  Eric has the men’s version of these boots and he did quite a bit of walking on rocks on this trip.  Not me.  I did not want to get that close to the edge.


  1. Isn’t it great when you find gear that works for you? A few months ago the spouse & I both bought a pair of HD boots…we aren’t Harley riders but they were available locally, we liked the looks of them, and they felt good trying them on. I know we paid more for the name but we’ve both been so happy and feel they were definitely worth the money!

  2. Totally! My husband says “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” Gear that works for me makes all the difference.

    My first motorcycle boots were Harley boots. I loved them. Unfortunately they weren’t waterproof. One time we got caught in a downpour… it was raining so hard we could not see to ride. We pulled over and stood under a tree until the rain slowed down a little. As we stood there I could feel the rain running down my legs and filling my boots. It took those boots three days to dry and when they did the leather shrunk. They never fit right again.

    Enjoy your HD boots! Just don’t let them ever fill with water!


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