Posted by: Jessie | May 10, 2011

Farkle Frustrations

I went on a farkle testing ride yesterday.  I have a GPS that was designed for cars, and on the motorcycle I can’t hear what it is saying over the noise of the wind and the engine.  It turns out that this GPS has a headphone jack on it, and if I wear earbuds/headphones then I can hear it just fine.  The hard part is when I put on my helmet it wants to pull the earbuds out of my ears.  I used to have a pair of helmet speakers that I was going to put in my old helmet, but they did not fit, so I gave them to Eric.  I have a different helmet now.  Eric does not use those helmet speakers, they don’t fit in his helmet.  I wonder if they would fit in my new helmet?  I wonder if Eric could find them so I could give them a try?

I have a Go Pro camera.  It mounts to the bike and it is supposed to take a picture every five seconds.  Imagine what wonderful pictures I could get on the Blue Ridge Parkway!  I wish I could get it working.  It shuts itself off after about thirty seconds.  There is a software update available, but I need a special connector to fit the camera, and I can’t find it.  Eric says he might have one, but he has no idea where it is.  Bummer.

The speedo on my bike quit working yesterday.  It would be a bummer to go on a 1500 mile ride and not have any of those miles register on the odometer.  It would also be a bummer to get a speeding ticket for not knowing how fast I was going. 

I hope we can get these bugs worked out by Friday!



  1. I thought farkle was functional-sparkle stuff…we finally got a GPS because of the number of group rides we lead; never use the voice function though. It’s personal preference…neither of us has an interest in helmet speakers. Our bike has a stereo system, if I don’t like what he’s listening to I use my ipod. I’m both our group and bike photographer. Hope you get everything worked out before the trip 🙂

  2. Yes. I feel pretty lame with my dys-functioal farkle. Hopefully we will get it working (and keep it working) before the trip.

    Of course, a speedo and odo is not farkle. I wonder if I am breaking a law riding with them broken… I hope not. That would be a bummer of a thing to go to jail for.

    I can se it now… I’m sitting in jail… the girl on the right of me is talking about how she killed her boyfriend, the girl on the left of me is in for drug charges… the murderer asks me “So. Waddyainfer?”

    Do I say “Broken odometer” (totally lame) or should I make something up? Like…
    Snort. Spit. Answer slowly… “I strangled a pit bull with my baaaare haaaands!”

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