Posted by: Jessie | May 13, 2011



I just found out that there are bears on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Actually, they are very proud of their bears.  I’m afraid of bears.  I’ve heard about them going into people’s tents and eating kids faces because they had pizza on their breath.  Pretty scary.  I’m wondering, since Eric snores, if the bear will think that there is already a bear in our tent and therefore will leave us alone.

Every time I talk about being afraid of bears, someone tells me that I should not be afraid of them.  So I Googled black bears.  I found an interesting article “How to Live With Black Bears” which made me feel a lot better.  This article says that it’s fairly easy to scare them away.  It also says that if you take proper precautions then they will not be a problem.  Ah-HA!  You see!  IF YOU TAKE PROPER PRECAUTIONS!  If you are not afraid of bears then you probably not take proper precautions.

After doing a little research online, it looks like proper precautions are 1. Do Not eat nor do dishes in your campsite.  Bears are attracted by food smells.  2. Seal all your food (and things that have food smells on them) in a plastic bag and hang it from a tree so the bear can’t get to it.  3. Wash your hands and face before going to bed so that you don’t have any food smells on you.

Ok.  That sounds easy enough.  I think I can handle that.

Where's my dinner?

I think this bear was attracted by food smells!



  1. Is he looking for food or a quick game of euchre?

    • I hadn’t thought of that! Could be either!

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