Posted by: Jessie | May 14, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway Trip, Day One: Cincinnati, OH to Grafton, WV

We had a slow start this morning.  We slept a little longer than we meant to, then we took the dogs to boarding, then we came back home and geared up and got on the road.  By the time we left the house it was already raining.  I don’t like riding in the rain.  Especially if it is raining so hard it inhibits visibility.  Or if the road is slick and the bike feels a bit squiggley.  I had my rain pants on over my jeans and mesh armored pants.  (Once again, three pairs of pants.)  It was like sauna.  Rain pants just don’t breathe.  We rode in the rain, and then out of the rain, and then into the rain again.  For a while it was sunny and raining.  That was kinda neat.  There was a rainbow in the spray coming off Eric’s tire. 

When we stopped for gas and a bit of a break.  I chatted with the guy behind the counter as I drank my 5-Hour Energy Shot and my water.  It turns out that he rides a Harley and is familiar with the roads we are going to be riding.  He said that the road East of Grafton is very windy and steep, and there are a lot of deer, so we should be careful!  He said there was a motel in Grafton, but not much east of that for a long time.  The rain let up a little, so we thanked him and got back on the road.

Finally, when we reached Grafton, WV, I had enough.  It was raining so hard I could hardly see.  I did not want to try those steep twisty roads in the rain when it was getting dark.  We stopped at the Motor Inn for the night.

Leaving Rainy Cincinnati


Sunny, Rainy, Sunny, Rainy in West Virginia


My mother asked how far this ride was.  I had to look it up.  292 miles from Cincinnati to Grafton.


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