Posted by: Jessie | May 16, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway Trip, Day Three: Skyland to Peaks of Otter

We knew we had to put down some miles today, so we did not stop at as many overlooks.  This was easy since it was raining for most of today.  We get less wet if we keep moving, the fairings on our bikes keep most of the rain off us.  There was some road construction and we had to stop several times for flaggers. It was foggy when we got up, but most of the fog had lifted by the time we got on the road.  And then it came back.  “That’s not fog, that’s clouds.”  Eric said.  “Well get your head out of the clouds,” I said.  “They’re obscuring the view.”  The clouds were so thick you could not see much over the overlooks. 

We stopped at a wayside gift shop/cafeteria for lunch.  I had a grilled portabella mushroom sandwich and sweet potato fries.  Eric had a cup of soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Not bad for a little unexpected cafeteria.  There were a couple girls outside asking directions.  They were wearing shorts, hiking boots, rain ponchos, and big heavy backpacks.  They did not seem to care about the rain nor the cold, they were more concerned about bears.  I was amazed that they were backpacking in this weather.  Eric said that you don’t notice the cold when you are walking up a mountain.

We rode the rest of Skyline Drive and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We stopped at the Visitor Center for maps and the ranger there explained to us that there is not much as far as gas nor restaurants on the Parkway.  He said that you would have to exit the parkway and drive into a town.  When we got outside a man on a Harley was just arriving.  He warned us that there was some real soup up ahead and to be careful.  Boy, was he right!  That was some very thick fog.  It got to the point where I could not even see Eric’s bike in front of me.

Even with the clouds, fog, rain, and road construction, it was still a lovely drive.  I have to admit, though, fog, rain and cold tend to wear me out.  We were running behind schedule, and so we had some debate as to whether we should stop at Otter Peaks or whether we should go another 4o miles or so before stopping.  Finally we decided to stop.  There was a lovely restaurant at Peaks of Otter, where they served swanky food and local wine, and the rooms had a lovely view. 

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  1. Nice pics, the lodge looks fantastic! Sorry about the weather; I’ve ridden in rain but never fog.

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