Posted by: Jessie | May 19, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway Trip: Asheville to Iron Horse Motorcycle Resort

We got up early and got back on the road.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Not too hot.  Just lovely.  We stopped for lunch at the Mount Pisgah Inn.  This is another restaurant on top of a mountain with a wonderful view.  They were very busy, and it was early in the season.  I don’t think they were ready for such a big crowd.  The service was a little slow, the food was yummy.  The view was fantastic.  After lunch and a quick visit to their very nice gift shop we were back on the road.  Lovely, curvy roads with amazing views.  We had an unplesant reminder to keep our eyes on the road instead of on the view when traffic stopped.  Apparently a motorcyclist went off the road and got hurt.  (First I heard that he dislocated his shoulder, then I heard he broke his collar bone.  I don’t know what really happened.)  They flew him out in a helicopter.   It was a bit of a reality check.  The scenery was very beautiful in this area, but this was a powerful reminder not to get distracted.

We got back on the road again.  It was a lovely ride and a lovely day.  We stopped at a visitor center to use the bathrooms and took a few minutes to check out the gift shop.  There was a couple there asking for directions.  I looked over their shoulder because the ranger had a 3D map and was talking about the highest point on the parkway.  Then they asked about hotels to stay out, and I piped in.  They had a map with a lot of different motorcycle resort ads in the margins.  I told them that sometimes these places were better then hotels.  I told them that we planned to stay at the Iron Horse Lodge, and although we had not been there before, we had heard nice things about them.  So after some chatting they asked if they could follow us.  It turns out that their names were Frank and Marian, and that they had ridden their big yellow Gold Wing all the way from Canada.  They followed us to the Iron Horse Lodge, and were very happy with the accommodations.

They were serving dinner at the Lodge, but it was not vegetarian friendly, so after settling in to our room I got out our camp stove and set it up on one of the picnic tables on the back porch of the main lodge.  I made dinner for Eric and myself and made conversation with the other bikers who came to sit on the porch and smoke and chat.  We chilled the bottle of Biltmore champagne, and popped it open.  One of the guys commented on our having champagne with a camp stove dinner, and I told him I had earned the champagne by surviving a harrowing ride in the cold, rain, fog, and wind through the mountains north of Asheville.  He did not seem very impressed, but he was nice about it.  I suspect he has ridden through worse.  Anyway, he told me that when he does rides like that he picks a good memory and focuses on that to get him through it.  (Which is an excellent coping skill, by the way.) 

After dinner Eric took care of the dishes while I did a little blogging.  Then we met up with Frank and Marian and played Eucher until bedtime.  They were showing a movie in the main lodge, which was a little distracting from our game, but I thought it was pretty cool that they had movies.  They were showing “Salt” with Angelina Jolie.

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  1. We ate at the Mt Pisgah Inn on our trip, loved the food! The Blue Ridge was really my favorite road on the trip. We only did about 100 miles of it so I’d definitely like to go back.

  2. You/re not kiddin’! Eric and I are already talking about when we’re going back.

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