Posted by: Jessie | July 10, 2011

AMA Superbike at Mid-Ohio

We went to the Superbike races at Mid-Ohio this year.  I was surprised how few people were there.  We saw some great racing.  With all the factories pulling their teams, there is not as much money in racing.  The bikes are more evenly matched, and the races are closer.

Even though Suzuki does not have a factory team this year, they are still doing a lot to support their racers.  They have made flags for each of the racers with “Suzuki” in big letters, the racer’s picture and name.  They held an autograph session, and they made t-shirts for each racer riding a Suzuki.  I was able to get an Elena Myers shirt.  She’s my hero.

The Mid-Ohio deck is usually for VIPs only.  This year no VIPs booked it, so they were selling tickets.  We went up there for the Saturday races.  We had a great view of the track,  got to sit in chairs in the shade, and there was a lunch buffet.

I’ve been keeping track of the women racers.  There aren’t very many of them.  Melissa Paris is racing Daytona Sportbike.  She’s 25th out of 73 in the standings.   Not bad.  She’s faster than I’ll ever be.  The bummer is that she has less sponsorship this year than she did last year.  She had a tent on the paddock instead of a garage.  Somehow I missed her at the fan walk, so I did not even see her this year except on the track.

Elena Myers is racing SuperSport, and she 5th out of 41 in the standings.  Wow.  And she’s still a kid.  19 years old, I think.  This is only her second year racing professionally.  I’m looking forward to watching her race for many years.

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