Posted by: Jessie | September 9, 2011

In Memory of Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson was a great guy.   I can’t believe he is gone.  He was usually at Bike Nights at the Comet, Fuel Coffee, Open House at Autobahn Craftwerks, and any other motorcycle event around town.  He always had his camera.

Jim enjoyed a good drink.  He liked to go to City Cellars for their wine tastings on Tuesdays, then he would head over to Bike Night at the Comet.  He would take pictures every week and post them on Facebook.  He was quite fond of red wine.  He liked his whiskey too.

Jim had a collection of motorcycles.  He had three vintage BMW’s, all different sizes and years.  He had a lot of chest hair and he liked to let it blow in the wind.  Even in the winter time he had shirt unbuttoned.

When we went to the Bonneville Salt Flats Jim met us there.  Eric and I drove the van with the bikes and all the equipment.  Len, Greg, and Dave flew.  Jim rode his vintage BMW motorcycle.  He did an Iron Butt “Bun Burner” on the way out.  That’s 1000 miles in 24 hours or less.  Wow.  250 miles in a day is my limit.  He did 1000.  He stuck with us through the heat, sun, and endless waiting in line.  He documented our race, then continued on his vintage motorcycle to California and back.  He came back with a Route 66 belt buckle, which he wore every day after.

Jim was not very fast.  He did not ride fast, he did not walk fast, and he did not talk fast.  But when he did say something it was wise.  He never said a bad word about anybody.  Jim had a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a free hippie-like spirit.  He was a gentle, caring man.

Unfortunately, he did not take care of his health.  He left us too soon.  We miss you, Jim.


Jim’s death was unexpected.  Apparently he had some health problems that he did not go to the doctor for.  Don’t do this to yourself, folks!  Take care of your health!  If you have a symptom, go to the doctor.  People tell me that they don’t go to the doctor because they are afraid they’ll find something.  I say “I’m more afraid they won’t find something!  If they find it, they can fix it!  If they don’t find it, then it might kill me!”

Another lesson in this is “Don’t take people for granted.”  Just because someone is always there doesn’t mean they will always be there!  Treasure the time you have with the people you care about.


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