Posted by: Jessie | October 3, 2011

Art Filled Anniversary at the 21c

Eric took me to the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, for our anniversary.  It was quite an adventure.  We drove about two hours to get to Louisville.  I asked Eric what hotel we were looking for so I could help him find it as he was navigating traffic.  He said “The Red Penguin.”  I thought that was the name of the hotel.  I was reading the signs looking for one that said “The Red Penguin” when suddenly Eric said “There it is.  I see it.”  As we drove closer I could see a building with red penguins on the roof.

The valet took our car and the bellhop took our bags.  We went inside to check in.  I made a beeline to the ladies room and discovered all sorts of wonderful things along the way.  The whole ground floor and the floor below that are an art museum.  All modern art.  There was sculptures, paintings and videos.  The ladies room had both black and white toilet paper.  As I was sitting on potty I looked up, and I could see an eye looking at me over the door.  Kinda creepy.  I finished my business and as I stepped out of the stall I noticed that there were little video screens in the mirror, and each video screen had an eye looking out.  A plaque on the wall indicated that the eyes in the videos were of blind people, but somehow that did not make it any less weird.  As I turned towards the door I noticed that I could see all the way down the hall… people walking towards me and people stopping to look at art on the way.  When I left the ladies room I saw that it was a one-way mirror.  I could see out of the ladies room, but they could not see in.  Still kind of weird.

When we went to the elevator there was a video of us projected on the wall, and letters rained down upon us.  They landed on us, and if we stood still they would form a poem.  The upper floors were the hotel rooms, and there was art in the hallways along with 4-foot-tall plastic penguins.  The next day the penguins were in different places.  Apparently they move around.  The bellhop had several good stories about people trying to steal these big penguins.

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