Posted by: Jessie | October 4, 2011

Louisville Fun

We spent Saturday exploring downtown Louisville.  We slept in, then had breakfast at Proof, the hotel restaurant.  (More about that later.)  Then we walked around downtown.

We walked past the Louisville Science Center.  We were tempted to go in, but then we realized that it is a kids museum.

We explored the Frazier History Museum, which is all about weapons throughout history.  It starts with Medieval Weapons and goes to the 1900’s.  It has the largest weapon collection I have ever seen, including many intricately carved early guns.  There were some beautiful swords.  They had living historians in costume.  They had some wonderful displays.

We walked past the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  We did not go in for a tour, since neither of us are baseball enthusiasts, but the giant baseball bat leaning against the building was truly impressive.

We toured the Louisville Glass Works.  There is a lot going on there.  Architectural Glass Art is a glass working studio  founded in 1875.  It is one of the oldest stained glass art studios in continuous operation in the United States.   They do some impressive work.  We saw them working on a huge stained glass window, and we saw models of some of the large glass art pieces that they did in Louisville and other cities.  We also got to see some glass blowers making glass pumpkins.  They have workshops where you can blow your own piece of glass art, but the glass blowing instructor was not in that day.  The flame thrower was not in that day either, but if he had been there we could have watched him melt glass rods and bend them into sculptures.

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