Posted by: Jessie | February 10, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

I was ready to receive this photo challenge last Friday, but it didn’t show up until Sunday.  I didn’t see it until Monday.  By that time I was no longer ready.  In fact, I forgot about it until today when I received the next photo challenge!

I’m cheating a little… I did not take this picture, my husband did.

I'm ready for my run!


This picture was taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats at Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials in 2008.  After a week of helping the guys, on the last day they let me ride the race bike.  I was in a class called “Run What You Brung.”  This class allows you to run pretty much anything and wear your street gear.  This class does not qualify for a record, but you get to ride on the track and you get a timing slip.  Pretty cool.  After a week of watching everyone else race, I was ready for a run!


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