Posted by: Jessie | February 23, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I regret to say that I have fallen behind on the weekly photo challenge.  I had a hard time coming up with a photo that represented “regret.”  Usually when bad things happen I don’t think to reach for my camera.  We thought of staging a couple of senarios to photograph, but did not get around to it by the Friday deadline.  Finally I decided to post a pic of Eric’s bruise from when he broke his collar bone.  We were riding through farm country and came up behind a pick-up truck pulling wobbly trailer full of loose junk.  It’s not safe to ride behind something like that… the trailer could break free and hit us or some of the loose junk could fly out and hit us.  Eric went to pass and the driver of the truck didn’t feel like anyone should pass him.  So he deliberately ran Eric off the road.  Eric narrowly missed some trees, but his front tire hit a hole and Eric was thrown over the handlebars and broke his collar bone.

The kid driving the truck regretted getting caught.  The kids parents regretted letting him drive that day.  (He had just gotten his license.)  I regret that my cell phone did not have service, so I could not call the police.    Eric could have been hurt a lot worse than just a broken collar bone.

Eric's broken collar bone bruise.



  1. Interesting interpretation of the challenge; very scary though! Just hope that the kid learned something from this.

    • I hope so too!

  2. Ouch!! Great post! Hope Eric is much better by now!

    • Yes, much better now, thank you. Although it was a long and painful recovery.

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