Posted by: Jessie | March 11, 2012

Mods vs. Rockers Rally Pre-Ride

The Cincinnati Cafe Racers, along with the Mighty Ohio Scooter Club, are planing to put on a rally this summer.  They are calling it the “Mods vs. Rockers Rally.”  There is a movie reference there, but it is lost on me since I have not seen the movie.  Anyway, they are planning a ride for this rally, and they expect there will be around 200 scooters and motorcycles.  They invited the club along for the pre-ride to help plan the route.  Sunday was a beautiful day, so Eric and I rode along.

We left from Fuel Coffee and rode down to Anderson Ferry, took the ferry accross the river, then took some windy roads down to Rabbit Hash.  We stopped for refreshments, then took a different route back.  The rally ride will end at the Comet in Northside, but today we ended at the Cock and Bull for  dinner and feedback.  It was a great ride.  I met some cool new people and I learned something about scooters.  They can be pretty quick and they are agile.  The scooters that rode with us today were quite capable of long rides.  We did not take the highway, so I don’t know if they are capable of highway speeds.  I know some are, but I, personally, would not be comfortable trying it.

Some of you may be wondering what the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle is.  Scooters generally have smaller engines, smaller wheels, weigh less, and have automatic transmissions.  They usually get amazing gas mileage.  You step through them instead of putting your leg over them.  They are less stable than motorcycles and often have difficulty going up steep hills.  Motorcycles generally have larger motors, larger wheels, manual transmissions, more suspension, no trouble going up hills.  They are generally bigger vehicles than scooters.  Then again, there are some really big scooters and some really small motorcycles.

I rode the Guzzi.  I haven’t had it out on a group ride yet, so I thought this would be nice.  It did pretty well.  Apparently it has some problems with the starter switch.  I was afraid we would have to push-start it out of Rabbit Hash.  Lucky for me we didn’t!  I’m still a little clumsy putting it on its center stand, but I’ll get better at that with practice.

I did not take many pictures, but here are a couple:

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  1. Keep me posted on that event. Close friends are Harley riders but have a keen interest inthe cafe racers. I’ve thumbed through a few of the mags at their place and love the looks of those bikes. I’m sure they would like to attend if there is a rally.

  2. Thanks Jessie
    I was riding hard to keep up on my 32yo 200cc twostroke Vespa p200 .You guys are some pro riders and the rally ride will be fun.

    Our club the MOSC is open to all who ride any scoot .

    Mighty Ohio Scooter Club …The Mo scoots the Mo better

    Bob Hollis

    • Bob, you weren’t just “keeping up,” you were leading the pack! It was fun riding with you. I’m looking forward to next time.

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