Posted by: Jessie | April 12, 2012

Dinner at Bouquet

I worked late and by the time I got home we were both too tired to cook.  Eric suggested we go out, but no place sounded good to me.  Eric chose Bouquet, a tiny little restaurant on MainStrasse.  It has been a long time since we had been there… I don’t even remember!  We’ve tried to go several times but could not get in.  This place is so tiny, I think they only have about 10 tables, and maybe 8 seats at the bar.   They were voted “Best Of” by one of the popular magazines, and since then Bouquet has been busy!

By the time we decided where to go, it was 8:00 at night, well past the dinner rush.  We walked in and sat right down at the bar.  There were some tables available, but after a long day at work I like to stand at the bar and stretch my legs a little.  Besides, sometimes we meet interesting people at the bar.  Actually, that’s how we met Molly!

So tonight the person who waited on us was a nice, young kid who did not know much about wine.  Fortunately, Eric does.  He ordered me a prosecco, Il Follo Cuvée Rosé.  I was disappointed that it had no bubbles at all.  Our server told us that is how it is supposed to be.  I did not believe him, but I went along and drank it anyway because it was such a good wine.  Fruit forward but not too sweet.  It went well with my Arugula Salad (Arugula, Purple Cabbage, Pickled Pears, Pecans, Pink Peppercorn Soy Vinaigrette).  Eric often starts his meal with a glass of Reisling, and he did again today.  He had Selbach Incline, from Mosel, Germany 2010, and the salad special.  All I remember about that salad is that it was topped with thin slices of ham that had been aged 24 months.  Eric said that it was the best ham he had ever had.

There are only five entrées on the menu, a chicken, a fish, shell fish, lamb, and beef.  It also says that they can make any item on the menu with tofu, to make a vegan entrée.  I had the Halibut with Fennel, Edamame, Cashews, and Basil Soy Cream. Wow!  Every bite was delightful!   Eric had the Game Hen with Brussels Sprouts, Blackberries, Bacon, and Smoked Buttermilk Grits.  To go with our entrées Eric ordered a bottle of Vouvrsay off the specials board.  It went perfectly with both of our entrées.

While we were enjoying our entrées I took a good look at the wiskey behind the bar.  There was a bourbon that I had never tied before.  We decided we would have it with our dessert.  We took a long look at the desert menu.  I don’t remember all the desserts.  They had a fruity dessert, a bourbon bread pudding, and something chocolaty.  I was trying to decide what would go with the bourbon, but we still had some wine in our bottle, so Eric suggested we go with the cheese plate.  (My silly sweetie is one of the few people who likes to have cheese for dessert.)  The cheese plate sounded so good that we agreed to share it.  It came with Fig Jam, Pistachio Relish, and a Daily Selection of Four Cheeses.  After a bottle of wine, I don’t remember the names of all the cheeses, but they were wonderful.  There was a drunken goat, a blue cheese,  a comte and one more.

After our cheese plate we decided to have an after dinner drink and share a glass of the bourbon we hadn’t tried.  Bernheim Original Small Batch Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey.  Apparently this whiskey does not follow the strict bourbon laws, so they cannot call themselves bourbon, but it sure tasted like bourbon to me.  Our server said it was wonderful.  He said that their spirit guy did a tasting and served it in a glass rimmed with sorghum and smoked salt.  He served for us the same way, and WOW.  It was wonderful!  Smokey, smooth.  The sorghum and salt really set it off.

Overall, it was a delightful meal and a delightful evening.

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