Posted by: Jessie | April 15, 2012

Another Mods and Rockers Rally Pre-Ride

Eric and I went on another nice ride with the Cincinnati Cafe Racers to prep for the Mods and Rockers Rally.  They are doing a monthly ride with the same route they plan to use at the rally.  This way people will have the opportunity to learn the route so that if the group gets broken up at the rally there will be plenty of people who already know the route.  There was some confusion about the time, so the ride went in two groups.  One group at 1:00 and another group at 2:00.  Eric and I went with the 1:00 group.  We took route 50 over to Anderson Ferry, crossed the river, took route 20 to 338 down to Rabbit Hash.  Then I lost track of the route.  I thought I would be able to track it on Google Latitude, but according to them we flew from cell phone tower to cell phone tower.

It was a beautiful day, and Rabbit Hash was crowded.  I was blinded by the sunlight gleaming off all the Harleys.  After a cold root beer we got back on the road.  We rode to Covington and had dinner at the Cock and Bull.

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