Posted by: Jessie | April 25, 2012

Dismal, Then Delightful Day at Disney

The next morning we went to Walt Disney World.  Carley wasn’t feeling very well that morning, and neither was I.  I was waiting to hear back from the mechanic.  He had promised to email me the diagnosis and some pictures to my smart phone.

We got our tickets, shopped in the gift shop, took pictures in front of the castle, and rode the train across the park.  Carley and I went on the race car ride, Carley let me drive.  Next we rode the Goofy run-away train, and then the Dumbo ride.

Around noon I went to find a less loud place to call St. Pete Powersports.  They said that it was the drive shaft and the final drive.  They said that they did not have the entire estimate together yet because they did not know about parts, but that if they had to order parts from Europe it would be at least two weeks before the parts would come in.  They were thinking it would be about $1200 to fix the bike.  I thanked them and asked them to email me the estimate and pictures when they had it together.  Then I called Eric and boo-hooed.  I thought I was going to have to rent a U-Haul to take the bike home in for a proper burial.  Eric said not to worry, that he had spent a good part of the morning locating parts.  I gave him the phone number for St. Pete Powersports and Eric coordinated with them.  By the end of the day they had a plan.   Eric located the parts and had them overnighted to St. Pete.  The bike should be ready to go by Saturday.  Whoo-Hoo!

Finally I could relax and enjoy the rest of the day at Disney.  Carley and Avery got to meet Tinkerbell and Terrance.  We rode some more rides, ate dinner, and watched the fireworks.

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