Gear Reviews

Over the course of this blog I have done several gear reviews.  Reviews are always more helpful when they are easy to find.  Here are links to different reviews I’ve done:

First Gear Kilimanjaro Jacket 5.0

Xpert Performance Ladies Leather Jacket

Cortech LRX Air Mesh Jacket (Women’s)

TCX Sunray Gore-Tex Boots

Shift Racing Silhouette Kevlar lined jeans 

Tour Master Indigo Denim Pants

Under Armor Heat Gear

Cupron Copper wicking socks

Silver sokz

Ikon Tarmac Ventilated sneaker-boots

Aerostich Evap-O-Danna.  Cool-off tie. 

Cortech LRX Air jacket 

Vega Women’s Touring Boots


Olympia Ladies Airglide Pants

First Gear Heated Liner


Cortech LRX Air Jacket, Tour Master Indigo Jeans, Icon Tarmac Ventilated Boots



  1. Love the site. I have some gear I need reviewed, and would love to have you review it. What is the best way to get in contact with you?

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